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Global data

A website www.pops-gmp.org was prepared as a presentation of the outcomes of the analysis of available Stockholm Convention Global Monitoring Plan (GMP) data on persistent organic pollutant (POPs) concentrations in three environmental matrices: ambient air, breast milk and human blood reported to the regional monitoring reports pertaining to the decision SC-3/19. The outcome consists of review of available GMP data regarding their structure, geographical coverage, time series availability and data reliability and suggestions for monitoring data standardization, data structure and electronic template that could serve in the future including a proposal for electronic data capture system for next data collection. In addition, data collected in the regional reports merit to be further used and therefore, an on-line visualization tool allows users to browse and analyze existing datasets.

Work presented in the website is fully in line with the tasks defined as priority issues by the Core Group experts. The web site www.pops-gmp.org and its tools for visualization and analysis of data collected in the Global Monitoring Plan of the Stockholm Convention were approved by experts from the Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention, Global Coordination Group (GCG) and Regional Organization Groups (ROG) in February 2013 and made available to both environmental professionals and general public globally.