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GENASIS philosophy

People know over 50 million chemical substances and several ten thousands are used on a daily basis to improve our lives such as fuels, plastics, textiles, detergents, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and electronic equipment. Nevertheless, we are aware that some chemicals once introduced into the environment may severely affect the ecosystem balance and may quickly appear in our food and thereby influence people in current and future generations. Protection of the environment and effectiveness evaluation of measures applied are usually linked to monitoring of a parameter or indicator but available data are stored in closed databases of relevant institutions.

We are also aware of recent global and national legal and political requests for enhanced research and creation of instruments able to collect or evaluate data and establish and/or optimize risk management related to the increasing levels of chemicals in the environment, their interaction and presence of new chemicals whose effects on environment and human health have not yet been fully explored.

Therefore we aim at creation of a national system for on-line data interpretation that is able to provide continuous and complex evaluation of available information related to the presence of toxic compounds in environmental matrices including related ecological and health risks and serve also as tool for environmental education.

GENASIS will be a public system available for multiple users – regulatory bodies, industry, waste management and remediation companies, scientists as well as general public.